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The Sprouted Nut Company Healthy, All Natural, California Grown. Order Today!

Our Process



Rinsing and soaking for several days removes natural growth inhibitors, enlivening the nuts.



The nuts begin to germinate, unlocking their rich bioavailable nutrients.



This proprietary slow drying process yields a sweet, creamy, lighter nut with a unique crunch.

  • This slow drying process destroys the enzyme inhibitors, releasing the full nutritional content of the nut and allowing the body's natural enzymes to more easily digest the nuts.

About Us


At The Sprouted Nut Company, we have a personal relationship with our grower, and only use the largest, freshest, highest quality California grown nuts.


Our nuts are processed slowly in small batches making sure each package receives our personal hands-on attention.


After many years of perfecting our family recipe, we’re proud to offer our nuts to you!

About the Founders



Being a dedicated vegan for over a decade, Sandra has made it her passion to create new ways to incorporate plant based proteins into her diet. A lifetime dedication to clean eating has given her the knowledge and experience to perfect her special sprouting recipe.



Julian is also a long time vegan, and an early adopter of the raw food movement. His tireless search for the perfect crunchy vegan snack food lead him to founding The Sprouted Nut Company.



Mitchell is a weight conscious eater, with a focus on wellness and nutrition. He has included sprouted nuts in his diet for years, and enjoys teaching others about the benefits of adopting well balanced, low-caloric eating habits, coupled with an active lifestyle.

  • After many years of perfecting our family recipe, we're proud to offer our nuts to you!

Benefits of Sprouted Nuts

california-almond-logoOur nuts are all natural with no additives or preservatives. We simply rinse, soak and dehydrate.
superfoodsSoaking and sprouting activates germination, which multiplies various nutrients including Vitamins A, B, and C.
glutenfreeThis specialized process creates nuts that have a higher nutritive value, lower fat content, and greater level of digestibility.
  • Our nuts are all natural with no additives or preservatives.

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Los Angeles, CA
E-mail: info@thesproutednut.com
Phone Number: 1 (818) 424-7528

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